What do I need to bring to the nursery?

Every child is asked to bring their book bag to Nursery School each day.  Children have the opportunity to borrow books and will share books with staff during the day, and will then bring books home to share with you.  A communication diary is kept in your child’s book bag and we will use this to let you know what your child has been doing during the day.  Please do use this if there is anything you would like us to know, or chat to a member of staff in the morning when you drop off your child.

Outdoor playIMG_6716

We are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside in which the children are able to play and learn.  We know that spending time outside is of great benefit to children’s development and we aim to be outside everyday, whatever the weather!

We ask all parents to provide named wellington boots which are kept at Nursery.  In addition to this, please make sure your child has a waterproof coat at all times.  Other items will depend on the seasons, but children will typically need a hat, scarf and gloves in the winter months and a sun hat and sun cream in the summer.

Please make sure all items are clearly named.

Toilet training and nappy changing

We work closely with you to provide a consistent approach to toilet training. We know that accidents will happen, so we ask you to provide plenty of spare clothes to ensure your child remains comfortable at all times.

When a child is in nappies, parents are asked to provide:

  • Nappies
  • Cotton wool or wipes
  • Nappy cream (as required)

What to wear

Nursery School days involve paint, glue, glitter, mud, running, jumping, climbing… the list goes on!  For this reason, please dress your child in clothes which are suitable to play in and which are hard wearing and washable!  We do ask that children wear a Ripe Nursery School jumper or cardigan and polo shirt, as this adds to the sense of belonging to the group.

Our uniform and bookbag can be ordered from www.uniformeasy.com  and there is also the option to order a Ripe Nursery School coat if you wish to.