In undertaking her Masters in Early Years Education at Sussex University, Miss Kate carried out a research project in ‘Pedagogical Documentation’ which involved developing a different way of recording and planning for children’s learning.  Following this, we have embraced a more research based approach to setting development as a whole and in 2018 Miss Julie took part in the East Sussex Baby Room Project, involving development of provision for our very youngest children.  Her research looked at the settling in process, taking into account the views of staff and parents.  As a result, we developed our practices further and now offer home visits and provide parents with a comprehensive handbook when their child starts at Nursery School.  

In 2019, our research focussed on sleep and safe sleep practices.


We are thrilled to work alongside Sussex University in providing placements and mentoring for students who are undertaking the Early Years Teacher training with Masters.  Having completed this herself, Miss Kate now regularly guest lectures on the course and mentors students who are placed at The Nest and in Ripe.  Having students provides us with another opportunity to share good practice and to learn from others who have been in different settings, as well as giving staff an opportunity to reflect on their own practice.  Students placed with us will often spend most of the year in the nursery, developing their relationships with children and learning about their development over time.  All of our students are DBS checked prior to starting with us.