Moving on to Primary SchoolIMG_6854

Starting at Primary school is a period of time filled with emotions, both for children and parents; we aim to help make the transition to school as smooth as possible. We have links with many of the surrounding primary and independent schools. Once your child is allocated their place at ‘Big School’ we will invite your child’s new teacher to visit the Nursery School and see your child in an environment which is familiar to them. Your child’s Key Worker will share information with your child’s new teacher, such as their abilities, interests and next steps, which the teacher will then be able to use in planning for your child’s start at school.
We know that this transition away from the familiar Nursery School setting and staff can make some children anxious, so we try to encourage children to see this as an exciting time and to talk about anything they are worried about.
We share stories about schools and create displays and role play areas which reflect where the children are going; we use pictures of their teachers and schools as well as jumpers and book bags so that these items become familiar to the children.
If you have any concerns about the transition, please do come in and have a chat.

Top tips for starting school!
Reception teachers will teach many skills to the children in their classes and all of the children will enter school with different starting points. If your child is able to do some of the things listed below it will make their start at school that little bit easier.

• Encourage your child to go to the toilet as independently as possible

• Let your child try on their uniform and PE kit a few times before they start – can they put it on and take it off by themselves?

• Play lots of games where you have to wait for a turn or share toys

• Encourage your child to spot their name, letters in their name and numbers when you are out and about